The Guide to
Buying a Dogue!
I have decided to make this page due to the amount of questions that I receive.  Sometimes mistakes have been made before I was able to respond.
1. How Much is a Dogue De Bordeaux.
An AKC dogue de Bordeaux  price is between $1800- $3500.00 anything above this price is generally overpriced and anything below is generally not a good representation of the breed.
2. How can I make sure I get a healthy Dogue De Bordeaux.
To be honest the only way you can help yourself is to contact the breeder and ask for referrals from the Vet and the phone number so you can call yourself. Most if not all  DDB breeders in the USA do health checks but these mean nothing if a dog which has a clean heart and hips produces bad hearts and poor hipped dogs. Plus lets remember what does it matter if one dog out of a litter of 8 is tested and it is fine yet its brothers and sisters all  have bad health, should that single one tested be bred? NO because chances are he/she will pass on bad traits.
3. What's the most important thing to look for in a DDB.
Temperament is the most important thing for anyone considering a large breed dog. There is no point in having a healthy great looking dog if you cannot pet him or are constantly living in fear he gets out and kills another dog or even worse. If you EVER  go to a breeders house and you can"t pet their dogs RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!.
4. I want a show dog.
The only way and generally best way to find a show dog of any breed is go to an AKC show. I see lots of breeders saying they have show prospects for sale but don"t show dogs. This generally means you have found a breeder who is breeding dogs for money not the show ring hence they are not show quality pups.
5. The pups are from International Champions / Imports so they must be good.
Wrong it is very easy to buy an International Champion and easy to get a championship in Europe. If you are looking to show in the AKC you are far better off buying from parents who are AKC champions, most European champions would not be able to compete in the AKC as the dogs have to move better. I personally would never buy or use an import unless it was from a country who does strict health checks and the puppy comes with all documentation of parents health tests. Plus again lets go back to number 2, there is very little or no health testing in most parts of Europe.
6. Check out upcoming breeding's.
This is an easy sign to spot a puppy mill , if the upcoming breeding's page exceeds 2-4 breeding's then obviously they are breeding for pets and money, which basically means you have found a puppy mill.
Please also note there are always exceptions to the rules and the above is just a general guide to help you in your Dogue search.
I very rarely have pups for sale so if you ever need a free referral or advice simply email me @ and I would be happy to help you in your search.



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